Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Har Vokse Hair Regrowth

If you suffer from hair loss, just another dreaded effect of aging, at least, it's good to know they are not alone. Approximately 50% of women and 65% of men admitted to having significant hair thinning or loss before reaching the age of 60. And the numbers are rising. The overall rate of people suffering from hair loss is increasing rapidly, doubling and more in the four years between 2004 and 2008.

Although most of the fear of baldness and British men have come to realize that hair loss is a problem threatening the emotional health, three of the four men still believe that hair loss is not preventable, and almost 90% did not know that hair loss each treatment clinically proven science-based products exist.

Companies have given the emotional effects surrounding the painful loss of hair, so they started to market a range of products that claim to effectively cure and even reverse health problem for both sexes. The fact that there is not much knowledge about the benefits of hair loss, as these companies are able to take advantage of the products to the market and success uninformed defective. However, when navigating these products, it is important to note that the minoxidil and finasteride are the only two products for hair care that is medically approved.

Advanced Health LTD, a company based in Scotland launch a new hair loss treatment called HarVokse Hair Loss solution, created by a unique formula that combines vitamins, minerals and marine proteins has recently been published. Formula of this new product has been extensively studied in placebo-controlled clinical trials, double-blind, and is doing very well, increasing by 32.4% in hair growth after six months of treatment in patients receiving itself, rather than placebo. These studies were conducted in Norway in 2001 and in the same year, the results of the studies received a place in the International Journal of Medical Research.

Advanced Health LTD's HarVokse presents customers with a dual action system featuring Hair Regrowth Supplement and Protective Treatment Regrowth Spray, a unique combination unseen in any other hair loss treatment product. The system treats clients of hair loss in a quick and efficient spray to reduce inflammation of the scalp and protection against oxidation damage, and the supplement, when taken orally twice a day, to promote restoration and hair thickening.

HarVokse received tons of feedback from trial participants have already taken the supplement, many of which have indicated that the product also can improve the health of the skin and nails. If taken regularly for at least several months, HarVokse shows positive and effective results.

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